Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Andrew in Indy

For the Singles Linky Party on Kelly's Korner Blog:

This is my boyfriend's best friend, Andrew.  He will be 25 in March and lives in Indianapolis, IN.  Originally from Minnesota, he is an Engineer for a large national engineering firm.  He loves dogs, golf and hockey.  He owns his own home (5 bedrooms - perfect for lots of kiddos someday!! :) haha) and is a dad to the most adorable little german shephard mix puppy who he rescued about 2 years ago.  He is extremely easy-going and an amazingly awesome friend.  He has such a good heart.  He is very respectful to everyone he meets and has so much to offer any lucky girl!  You won't find him trolling the bars on the weekends, he prefers to kick it at home with his guy friends - playing video games, board games or shooting darts if the weather is bad.  Otherwise, you'll find him golfing or playing hockey.
If you want to be treated like a princess, Andrew is your prince!

email me at: - send your pic and let me know how Andrew can get in contact with you!

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  1. He's a cutie katie!!!

  2. I might have to pass this along to one of my single friends here in Indy!!

  3. My sister is in Minnesota and sounds like they might get along :)
    Check her out at!

  4. I have a wonderful, beautiful, 25 year old friend in mind who lives in Indy! I am just waiting on hearing back from her for her permission to pass her info along!

  5. Beth Ann, I don't think I got your email. Can you resend please? Thank you!

  6. HI,
    I love that Kelly did this and would like to suggest he take a look at my friend's blog where she posted pictures of a family visit with their daughter Amy(28) Amy is in Louisville,Kentucky, and works with Student Life Ministry, while pursuing her masters degree at Southern. She is one of the most lovely, fun girls we have ever met. She has a smile that lights up the room, a great sense of humor, and is incredibly selfless.
    here is the blog address for my friend... Amy can be e-mailed at

  7. Hi! My friend that I posted about here: might be a good match for Andrew. If you want to check her out on my post, feel free. You can email me back or comment on my blog if you think they'd make a good match and I'll send the info on to Beth. Thanks! Good luck to Andrew with finding his Mrs. Right, even if it's not Beth. :)
    amandabroadway at hotmail dot com

  8. Hi, your friend Andrew sounds like a great guy. Have a look at my post about my cute sister Mandy at She lives in California, but you never know right?

  9. Ahhh! I just saw that you didn't get my e-mail...I resent it just now! Hope it works. Maybe check your bulk/spam e-mail?

    Thanks!- Beth Ann


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