Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowmaggedon, Boston 2011

I have no doubt this is only the beginning of many, many snow posts I'll make while we're living in Boston. B totally accused me of being a drama queen when I insisted we buy me a parka immediately upon our arrival in Boston at the beginning of October...  Well NOW look at what October 29th delivered!  Fortunately, my being a drama queen has no place on his list of things which he finds tolerable.  So I got my parka... and just in time!  After all, if I didn't have a parka, I surely wouldn't be outside snapping these adorable pics:


I could hardly stop laughing long enough to take the picture... he was jumping up and grabbing snowflakes!

Nugg was just eating it off the ground

My heart has a soft place for the wet-faced Doodle look

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Big Move

Fine.  I'm a big fat liar.  Our "update post" did NOT immediately follow last Friday's post.  But it's here now!  Mainly because I'm exhausted and if I even have to think about unpacking one more moving box, I'm just going to bulldoze the rest of it out the door and set it on fire. 

The boys were not happy to spend their last week in Charlotte sleeping on an air mattress.

So... we moved the first weekend of October.  To Boston from Charlotte.  It was almost 1000 miles.  And it took 3 days to get here.  I need to take a 5-day-long nap just thinking about ever having to do that again.  But we stayed with some PAWSOME friends along the way!

These are our friends Oscar and Harley Quinn.  We stayed with them in Virginia!

We stopped at a lot of rest stops... 

...sometimes just so Nugg could pop in and say, "Hi!"...

... or for Osc to get some fresh air!

We saw a lot of new states...

...and put A LOT of miles on our cars.

B's job called for the move.  So he proposed (SURPRISE!  WE'RE ENGAGED!) in August and I began a New England job search.  

Nugg is practicing for his ring bearer role in the wedding

Since this move was clearly meant to be, three positions within my current company opened in the Boston area in September.  I put in for and was immediately granted the transfer.  So YAY for not really having to look for a job!  Because honestly, I wasn't looking very hard... and I was totally prepared to be a stay-at-home dog mom... even if that meant we had to live under a bridge.  There are a lot of bridges in New England.

The boys really love their tree-lined backyard and listening for the wild turkeys in the morning.

They were a huge help when it came to unpacking... 

Oscar even got a cardboard cut on the tip of his tail, which involved such a ridiculous amount of blood that our new and clean apartment suddenly rivaled the scene of the Boston Massacre.  In my haste and disorganization, I carelessly put a bandaid on his tail.  I laid in bed awake for 2 straight nights wondering how on earth I was going to get that bandaid off.  He did me a favor and chewed it off on the third day.  A week later, I nicked his quick while I was cutting his nails.  Again he bled everywhere.  For obvious reasons, we located and saved as a favorite in our GPS the emergency vet on the very first day we arrived.  I still couldn't tell you where a people hospital is...

 The boys REALLY enjoy their new toys from Auntie Julie (Harley & Oscar's mom) in Virginia!  I think it made them forget about being in the car for 3 days...

Friday, October 21, 2011

We're Back!

We recently purchased one of those big fluffy things you put at the bottom of an outside door to keep out cold drafts; not to keep out cold drafts, but more to block noise from the hallway.  It actually works very well for that purpose... until Nugget claims it as his own and snuggles with it!

An update on all the new and exciting changes in our lives will follow shortly!