Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiawah Wildlife

I'm just now getting around to posting about my little weekend getaway mainly because I was too lazy to go digging for the cord to transfer the pics from my camera until about now.  It's not entirely relevant to the dogs because, well, they weren't invited :)  Ok, that's not entirely true; I originally thought I could bring them along and then found out I couldn't.  So I shuffled them off to Pet Paradise for the weekend and had a very relaxing weekend without dogs... but not without wildlife!
We rented bikes for the weekend (because that's really all you need on the island and everyone does it... and yes, if everyone was jumping off a bridge, I probably would, too!).  We were feeling ambitious on Saturday and began riding our bikes down the beach, to the shopping center and then over to the neighboring island, Seabrook.  While there, we saw horses (below).
(Fine, they aren't wild.  They're on a farm or something... but this is my blog and I can do what I want!)

 On our way back, we stopped at a beautiful lake area.  Signs like this are posted all over the islands... but we kept commenting to one another about how unlikely it was that we would encounter a gator.  (Side note: you know these are posted because some idiot did, in fact, approach a gator and the scene did not end well...)

We did see a ton of adorable turtles.  We sat and watched this group on a log for awhile.  They kept teetering the log back and forth, eventually rolling it completely, and then they would all climb back on and the adventure started over.  This kept us entertained for at least 30 minutes!

Shortly after our turtle watching break, we realized that not only were we very far from our condo on the other island, our legs were getting very, very tired!  The ride back was probably about 45 minutes... but it felt like 450!  (Our total round trip mileage was 16 miles, btw!)  As we finally reached the street where our condo was located, we happened to glance over at the lake almost directly across from our unit and notice THIS GUY watching us peddle on by:

Of course, like the morons we are, we turned around to get a closer look.  Sure enough, it was the gator we doubted we'd encounter!  He slyly started moving closer to us and lifting himself a little further out of the water, so we immediately decided to cut our visit short and be on our way.  Given the exhausted condition of my legs and inevitable shit in my pants, I seriously doubted my ability to outrun that monstrosity had he decided to start moving a little faster.  I am, however, about 900% certain that had he decided to sneak into the condo and hide under my bed, I was prepared to battle because I didn't sleep a wink that night!

In hindsight, I'm a relieved we did not get to bring the dogs because being the morons that we are (I'll speak for us both, though I'm the moron mastermind), we probably wouldn't have thought much of letting Nugget swim in that lake - uh, before spotting the gator, obviously. With that said, and after reading the recent commentary about the lake in Charlotte we frequent being highly polluted, I ask our followers this:  What precautions do you take, if any, before allowing your dog to swim somewhere besides a swimming pool?  How do you know if it's free of predators and pollutants, bacteria, etc. that could harm them?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It does seem that all this so-called "doodle of destruction" ever does is sleep.  My posts are clearly full of nothing but vicious lies about his mischief!  Seriously though, the only time he's still enough for me to take any pictures is when he's sleeping!  That said, here is a sampling of the many positions of a doodle snooze:

(and these were just from this evening!)

The Nugget, on the other hand, tends to be a rather uneventful, plain vanilla-type of sleeper... except for the part where he sleeps with his eyes open, like so:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet My Snoodle

Doodle + Snoozing = Snoodle... And a super happy^10 puppy mom!! (That's happy to the tenth power for all you non-nerds out there...)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patty's Day Parade Photo Dump

We enjoyed the Charlotte St. Patty's Day Parade with the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte this past weekend.  Hmmm, maybe "enjoyed" isn't exactly the right word...  I kid!  We did have a great time :)  The Goldens all gathered in a grassy area from where we could easily join along the parade route.  All I could see when I pulled up was a sea of Goldens and humans in green shirts.  It was quite a sight to behold!
My plan had been to let the boys play and romp outside this morning before we left, in hopes that they'd be tired and therefore less rambunctious for the parade.  That plan failed.  Miserably.  We did play outside and though they appeared tired when we hopped in the car, they each quickly gained a second wind the moment we arrived and were beasts for the remainder of the day.
Nugget was not a fan of the drums... or the horses for that matter.  He began barking loudly once the horses came out of their trailers... and then about 20 more Goldens joined in the barking.  It was intense!  
So here are some pics... I'm too lazy to caption them all, but it's a parade so I figure they're pretty self explanatory :)
Our friend, Jackson - very festive!

Nugget is ready to get the party started

B LOVED this pic! & Osc loved the Storm Trooper!




Caption us!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Is there really any wonder...

...what my Nugget does all day?  He does look pretty proud of the wrinkles he made in the couch cover which I go out of my way to straighten 238 times a day because I'm mildly OCD and coming home to it wrinkled practically makes me break out in hives...  

He also looks very proud of the "dent" he left in my memory foam mattress.  BUSTED!  He can no longer jump off the bed when he hears my keys hit the door and pretend like he's had all fours on the floor all day!  Mom is catching up to your tricks, Nugget!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who does he think he is?

Yup, that's my couch and new pillows. Fortunately we just purchased that sofa cover. I'm glad it's serving its... Er, um, his... Purpose!
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Maybe the doodle has chapped lips...

I don't know. But this is the 4th chap stick he's eaten recently... Now I remember why I buy them in lots.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Leprechaun and One Anti-Leprechaun

"Fine, Mom... I'll wear the stupid hat if I can have a bone."

"Omnomnomnomnom!"  Must be the luck of the Irish or his ridiculous cuteness, because he was awarded a bone.

The doodle would rather be pinched than wear his Leprechaun hat.  (He was made aware of the danger of being pinched before his refusal of the festive prop).

And he's seriously considering eating the hat as soon as I look away.

There is a 100% chance that...

...this is what's going on in my house all day. Nugget is definitely enjoying my new memory foam mattress. I found the evidence in the large drool spot he left on my pillow yesterday. But I can't wait to get home and make him wear his leprechaun hat :-) Sweet revenge! Pics are forthcoming!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Previous Lives of a Doodle

In observing Oscar throughout his first 7 months with us, I've drawn numerous conclusions about his personality.  I know his likes, his dislikes, what will cause him to pee on the floor, the exact moment he'll poop on the floor, how many laps he'll take before he finally lays down for a snooze, what will make him stop whining and what will make him start.  In that time, I've also developed a few theories about the doodle's previous lives.
Let's start with the most recent life from which he's been reincarnated.  I suspect he spent his days bussing tables.  Probably at a Frisch's or Shoney's where large families with ridiculous numbers of children flock at all hours of the day and night.  If my hunch is correct, he did not enjoy his career as a bus-boy in the previous life.  His grudge manifests itself in his constant need to pull my towels from wherever they are neatly folded or hanging and drag them all over the floor.  I will pick them up 284 times a day (no exaggeration) and he will take them down 285 times.  I guess that's his way of telling the world he's "thrown in the towel" on that career?
Prior to his life as a bus boy, I think Oscar was a windshield washer.  You know, the guys that walk up to your car in a sketchy area of town and as you quadruple-check your door locks and pray for the light to turn green, they start cleaning your car windows and then expect you to pass an Abe Lincoln or at least a Big Mac out your barely-open window?  Oscar hates windshield wipers.  He wants to fight them.  A car ride on a rainy day with the doodle in tow is quite dangerous.  Think Sonic the Hedgehog on speed in a 5x5 box, except you're driving on the highway at like 60mph and he's not a hedgehog, he's a doodle (thank God because that would hurt) and he's literally bouncing off the windshield with every swipe of the wipers and squealing so loud you're sure he's about to shatter any window in a 50 mile radius.  Scary.
Finally, I'm almost certain he was an Ancient Egyptian scribe.  Why Ancient Egyptian?  I couldn't think of another ancient culture right now... and he's brown.  And it probably was a sucky job, which is why he still hates it.  So it's settled.  Anyway, besides the occasional piece of mail, Oscar rarely chews up anything that doesn't belong to him (now, if only American Express would accept "my dog ate my mail" as a legit excuse to not pay my bill).  He has, however, found any and every writing instrument within his little doodle reach and destroyed it.  He even gets them out of my purse, off the counter, out of books where they're holding a page.  And not just pens - he eats highlighters and Sharpies, too!  Fortunately, I caught the Sharpie incident before his lips were permanently colored green.
So as you can see, the doodle may need a therapist to overcome grudges he holds from his previous lives. Or some Zoloft.  But I just really need a nap!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Does anyone have a light for my cigar?

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The Faces of Mischief!

They look innocent enough.  But they are not.  Not one bit.
Yesterday, I wore my favorite Jessica Simpson patent leather black pumps to work and it was after lunch before I realized someone had gnawed on the heel of the right shoe...  Fortunately, it wasn't terribly noticeable - evidenced not by the fact that it escaped me for most of the day, as most things do.  Nugget doesn't chew shoes, so I'll let you guess who the guilty party is...
My mom arrived yesterday afternoon and will be staying with us for a long weekend.  She always comes bearing gifts for her two favorite grandsons, this time, turtle and ladybug stuffies from Kohls.  Ladybug did not last more than 5 minutes before having her stuffing violently ripped from inside her.  Nugget was quietly gnawing on ladybug antennas when Oscar decided he wanted to play tug with her legs.  Tragic end to a very short life.  RIP Ladybug.

This morning, B graciously got up early to drive my mom to the class she's taking this weekend at the University.  It's possible I was dreaming, but I was sure B said he wasn't going to feed the beasts before he left since it was so early.  Oscar then woke me with his typical whining around 7:30, which I could only assume was an indication of his insatiable hunger.  I stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen where he pitifully licked the bottom of his empty bowl until I filled it with 2 heaping cups of chow.  20 minutes later, B walked in the door and announced that he did, in fact, feed the beasts before he left.  Those little con artists tricked me, again!

Is anyone else picking up on the common theme here?  Oscar is the ring-leader of mischief!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



WINNER WINNER!!  Nichole hit the 'tail' on the head :)  Nugget was "snitching" on Oscar Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for work.  Nugget wanted to make sure I knew where he was and that he wasn't involved in the mischief occurring in the next room:  Oscar was shredding mail I had packaged to go out that day!!!
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Never A Dull Moment, But Always a Dog Moment

Today was just a typical day in the Nugget house.  The furry, four-legged alarm clocks woke me up for their walk and noms at 6:45.  No biggie, really even though it is SATURDAY!.  The sun is rising earlier and the temps are no longer subarctic (I know, laugh at me... I live in the South) so 6:45 is getting a little easier.
After our morning routine, I tried desperately to coax them into going back to sleep for just a little while.  Eventually that worked, but not before a game of laundry tug-o-war ensued, whereby my neat though not yet folded pile of clean clothes ended up all over my room. 

Nugget with his prize from the war - a pair of my unders (clean! SWEARS! but definitely going back in the hamper now...)

Though it was overcast, it was still a nice spring-like day in Charlotte.  A light on-and-off drizzle kept us from going to the park, so the boys enjoyed free reign of the patio instead.  I was able to get a lot done with them semi-out of the way.  Nugg was all, "Look at me! I'm cute!" just laying out there, taking in the pretty day so I thought I'd snap a quick pic (above) to send to B.  Not 30 seconds later, he got up and blew chunks all over the patio. Not once, not twice, but THREE times.  Kid you not...  And then he started eating it.  At which point, even the doodle couldn't handle it anymore and went inside.  Listen, if you manage to disgust Oscar of all dogs, there is something seriously wrong with you.  He eats his own poop for dog's sake!  So everyone had to go inside.  Nugget continued to throw up.  On my clean carpet.  Excellent timing.  Moments later, doodle started.  No kidding.  Except he aimed for the corner of the dining room.  Do you know how hard it is to clean chunky vomit out of carpet in a corner?  I'll spare you the play-by-play but suffice it to say, it took awhile.  In short, this is what my day looked like:

FWIW, I hate Family Guy, but this video sums it up pretty well.

I guess all that throwing up is really hard work since everyone seems to be snoozing peacefully now.  Nugget even let Oscar borrow his favorite teddy bear.  
(Now how ridiculously cute is that picture?)

Don't be alarmed; Nugget always has his Shakespeare's Hamlet, "O, I am slain"-look going on when he sleeps.  He'd make a good Polonius, no? 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Round of Applaws, Please...

We're OFFICIAL!  We received our packet from Therapy Dogs, Inc in the mail today.  I had the honor of adorning his collar with his new "I am a Therapy Dog" red heart tag.  Makes me so proud!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recycled Doggies Needs Our Help!!

This is the story for the local news station's webpage:

Eleven Dogs, One Cat Killed in Norwood House Fire

Shannon DeBra is dedicated to saving dogs from certain death at local shelters. 11 dogs were killed last night when her Norwood home caught fire. 
Local 12's Rich Jaffe was with DeBra on this difficult, emotional day. 
The best part of Shannon DeBra's morning came when she was reunited with her pal, Zoe... the worst probably a few moments before when she got to see Boss.
"She had a lot of that plastic melted into her fur, so she has fairly extensive wounds from the burns..." 
The big mixed breed's also suffering from potentially lethal smoke inhalation. 
"It's ok's ok...shhhh..." 
Another foster dog, Leo, was in an oxygen chamber with similar problems. Eight of Shannon's foster dogs died in the fire last night, along with three of her own. Fire investigators believe the fire was electrical and accidental. Shannon knew something was wrong when she got home around seven thirty last night. 
Shannon DeBra, Recycled Doggies: "Everything was dark and I got out of the car and saw smoke coming out of that first window over here. That's when I heard a smoke alarm and went running to the front door, unlocked the front door and there was just smoke everywhere, so I propped open the door and started screaming for dogs." 
One of the dogs, Xena, escaped last night, and is still on the run. Posters about her went up today... along with this photograph. 
"I'm just so sad about the dogs that I saved and now I didn't keep them safe. I'm sad about my own dogs, but there were a couple that were really special foster dogs and I'm just so sad for them." 
While part of the damage left behind by the fire is easy to see, on the home and the dogs, what has the vets at Med Vet worried is what you can't see. 
Doctor Amy Snyder, Veterinarian: "The big mystery is what's going on inside the dog, and just like people, the injury to the lung and airway is our primary concern and those may lag anywhere from 12 to 24 hours after the initial inhalation." 
It would be hard to miss Xena, the dog that's on the run around here. She has a bright blue sweater on. 
In addition to Xena, there's also a big black cat that's missing.
 Shannon DeBra helps the animals through a couple of different operations, both of which have websites. One is Recycled Doggies, and the other is the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry. 
You can reach Shannon at (513) 377-2884.

This organization is dear to my heart.  My fellow animal blogger friends, you are the most generous, resourceful, loving people I know.  PLEASE give what you can - spare change, prayers, a note of encouragement to Shannon, a link to her ChipIn (below) on your blog, whatever you can do.  PLEASE pass this along to your own network of animal lover friends.  Those $1, $5, $10 donations really add up!  Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!
The few dogs that did survive will require extensive vet care.  Their conditions are still being assessed.  
PS - Please leave me a comment if you donate and/or share.  I'd really like to personally acknowledge you in an upcoming post!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  - Margaret Mead

You can follow Recycled Doggies on Facebook for further updates on fundraising and the statuses of the dogs that survived the fire.

The Nugget House LOVES Chamberlin and GCAS!