I'm a late 20-something originally from the 'burbs of Northern Kentucky.  I moved to Charlotte, NC in 2007 to begin my adventures in this world as a working, responsible adult (whatever that means...).  My first couple of years in the Carolinas were nothing short of challenging as a black cloud seemed to follow me, dumping homesickness, divorce, job changes and challenges, illness, quite a bit of moving, some family drama and 2 of Charlotte's coldest winters on record. 

Four years later, I can see the dark cloud beginning to dissipate and I'm cautiously starting to enjoy a sense of stability.  Nugget and Oscar are my comic relief from the lemons life sometimes throws my way.  Ironically, they also contribute many lemons of their own but I wouldn't trade those lemons for all the riches in the world.  There's simply nothing better than coming home everyday to 2 happy, furry faces and wagging tails.  They may not look like "babies" in the common sense of the word, but they are my babies and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them.

Nugget is a pure-bred golden retriever from Locust, NC.  I adopted him at 12 weeks and we've been inseparable ever since!  He was born August 21, 2008 and is very much still a puppy at heart!  Nugget has been with me through the worst and I truly believe I wouldn't have made it through without him.  He is such a neat dog and has the sweetest and funniest personality.  He loves to swim, fetch tennis balls, snuggle and meet new people.  My boyfriend, B, is Nugget's best friend and since we recently moved in together, Nugget has been in his own little golden heaven!  He is currently going through the registration process to become a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc.  Nugget was recently diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and will be undergoing surgery to correct that sometime during the next year.

Oscar is a labradoodle - we think.  We adopted him from some neighbors who were looking to rehome him.  He came to live with me in early August 2010 at the age of 8 months.  His birthday is December 25, 2009.  To say that he was a little rough around the edges would be the understatement of the year.  He was a potty-training nightmare and tore through the house like the Tazmanian devil every waking hour of every day.  With a lot of love and patience, he has settled down considerably and is finally housebroken.  Oscar is probably the most loving, forgiving dog I've ever seen.  We have reason to believe that we are his third home (and remember, he was only 8 months when we got him!).  Despite sometimes acting out for attention, he holds no grudges about his past and he just loves to love and be loved on!  He's still a work in progress but he's making great strides and is already shaping up to be a really awesome and smart dog.

What started out as an attempt to keep my mom up to date on the life of her favorite grandpuppy (Nugget) and to "cyber scrapbook" so many of the funny things Nugget does that I want to remember, quickly turned into a creative outlet for me.  Though the dogs are the inspiration behind the majority of posts, B is the one who continually encourages me to share my humorous ramblings on a public forum.  I know not everyone is near as obsessed with anything in their lives as I am with these boys, but I know some will be able to relate to and appreciate the craziness that is puppy parenting.  Enjoy!