Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowmaggedon, Boston 2011

I have no doubt this is only the beginning of many, many snow posts I'll make while we're living in Boston. B totally accused me of being a drama queen when I insisted we buy me a parka immediately upon our arrival in Boston at the beginning of October...  Well NOW look at what October 29th delivered!  Fortunately, my being a drama queen has no place on his list of things which he finds tolerable.  So I got my parka... and just in time!  After all, if I didn't have a parka, I surely wouldn't be outside snapping these adorable pics:


I could hardly stop laughing long enough to take the picture... he was jumping up and grabbing snowflakes!

Nugg was just eating it off the ground

My heart has a soft place for the wet-faced Doodle look


  1. I can't wait for more snow bound adventures. I love these characters

  2. Haha that last pic says it all

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. That looks like fun. I wish we were getting snow here. We hardly ever get snow in Seattle but we are supposed to see some this winter I guess. Chester loves the snow. Yes, even though he is short to the ground. He will either bunny hop through the snow or just plow it with his chest :)

  4. KARI - I totally thought about you guys when I was writing this post. I knew you'd understand :)

    JESSICA - that is HILARIOUS!! Chester's legs may be short, but they are determined!

  5. Those are some pretty cute pics. :)

  6. adorable as usual.....xoxo - auntie julie - harley and oscar....


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