Monday, November 7, 2011

Doodletainment 2.0

My mornings are significantly less chaotic since we moved to Boston.  Knowing I have to be at the train station by 7:38 a.m. (or else I’ll be REALLY late to work) provides more “get-up-and-out” motivation than did my 5 minute Charlotte commute.  I had a snooze button habit I couldn’t kick.  Though, the fact that the sun rises (and sets) a solid hour earlier in Boston probably helps, too.  With that said, I now have more time to deal with the inevitable Doodle shenanigans each morning.

Fortunately, B’s travel schedule has been very light since we moved.  (After all, that was the deal for getting me to move from the equator to the North Pole…).  Most of the Doodle shenanigans happen on his watch, for a change.  B has cleaned up a lot of Doodle vomit and blood.  But still only a fraction of what I’ve cleaned over the course
of the last 16 months.

Out of the kindness of Oscar’s little Doodle heart, however, I am not forgotten.  This week, I had 3 mornings alone with my boys and the events occurred as follows:  
Monday morning while I was in the shower, Oscar ate the box of tissues that was on my nightstand; 
Tuesday morning while I was in the shower, Oscar ate through the garbage bag and devoured chicken that was God-only-knows how old; 
Wednesday morning while I was in the shower, Oscar was counter-surfing and began
nibbling through the bag of dog food I just bought. 
On each of those mornings, Nugget was planted on the rug in front of the shower curtain, so as to make sure I knew he was there and NOT involved in the messes occurring elsewhere in the house at that very moment.  In fact, that’s usually how I first know that Oscar is into something – Nugg is glued to my side and Doodle is nowhere in sight.

In addition to my morning entertainment, he’s taken all of the sponges out of the cabinet under the sink  (in his defense, I did not close it all the way), bled all over the dog walker (his ear… again), and knocked over a bottle of drops I was putting in his other ear for a yeast infection...  Yeah, I'd say we're adjusting to the new place rather well.

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