Sunday, November 27, 2011

I still can't make this stuff up...

If I've learned ONE thing since adopting my second dog, it's that I am foolish to lay in bed on a Saturday morning making plans in my head to accomplish anything that day.  As soon as my feet hit the floor, any and all plans are quickly derailed by Tazmanian Doodle and his endless list of needs and turmoil.

Yesterday, I was able to sweet-talk Osc and Nugg into going back to sleep when they woke me up at 5 a.m.  I was nowhere near ready to start my day at the ass-crack of dawn.  But when Osc began stirring again at 6:30, my day started very abruptly once I discovered he was bleeding all over my beige carpet and bed and walls.  WTH DOG?!?!

He's had a small cut-turned-gash-turned-gaping hole in his right ear for a few weeks, presumably from a playful and careless altercation with Nugg.  We've been to the vet on 3 separate occasions, where they've tried everything from liquid bandage, glue and silver nitrate.  NOTHING has closed it long enough for it to heal entirely.  So upon realizing he was gushing blood, yet again, B scooped him up and headed straight to the vet.  (Seriously, thank DOG for Saturday hours!)

I spent my Saturday morning scrubbing and steam-cleaning blood out of my carpets and furniture, washing my walls and putting my freshly washed bedding back through the laundry.  If you'd asked me before sunrise, whilst still snuggled in my warm covers, if that is exactly how I did NOT envision spending my Saturday morning, I would have naively said, "yes".

Pictured above is Mummy Head Doodle.  That is what B and the vet rigged up to keep Osc from shaking his head, thus causing the ear wound to open and profusely bleed, yet again.  (Yes that's an ACE bandage inside of the cone...)  On Tuesday, he is scheduled to have surgery so the vet can reopen the wound, clean out dead tissue and properly sew it back together.  That's not going to be cheap.  I'm debating whether I should let B know I already bought our Dyson and it will ship next week, or if I should let him think someone bought it for us off our registry.  He might actually birth live kittens...

Anyway, shortly after I'd finished cleaning up the blood and B had returned from the vet with Doodle, I was sitting on the couch contemplating a nap.  Moments later the phone rang, which B ran to answer and I sat up just in time to see Nugget lose his breakfast all over the floor, just in front of my feet.  All I could do is cuss...  a lot.


  1. I bought you the Dyson! I swear I did!

  2. Sorry but I'm laughing way out loud...B is the best to help you out but Tasmanian She-Devil just ain't hearing the word NO!! But just look at dem sweetness eyes...aaaahhh!!!

  3. I can't help but laugh. Doodle looks so funny with his cone head! And the dog barf....well, I would have cussed too. A lot. Hope the ear surgery goes well and he stops bleeding all over your house.

  4. Oh my goodness... what a weekend! Hope Osc is feeling better soon.

  5. oh my, sounds like chaos

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