Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 12 days of Christmas and getting Oscar to do his business

So I have to share some information on Oscar's first encounter with snow! First let me start by saying that it has always been a chore trying to get Oscar to go to the bathroom....a leaf blows he's distracted, a person is walking 500 yards away he wants to stalk them, a bee farts and he needs to follow it for a mile. So in normal conditions he must be taken out alone and given ample time to do his business.

Fast forward to this weekend in the takes Oscar all 12 days of Christmas to do his business. Every foot print, hole, and dent in the snow must be investigated. He will show his nose all the way down into the hole, sniff, and then throw the snow into the air like his nose is a shovel! Suddenly there is this white stuff in the air (WTF did that come from Osc thinks to himself) and Oscar must chase it! Then he repeats and repeats and repeats. With all this snow how can a doodle not get distracted?!?


  1. That's hilarious, our dog, Jack, peed on the sidewalk b/c he didn't realize that the snow covered both the sidewalk AND the grass. He too gets very distracted and cannot do his doggy duty until every movement in the area has been accounted for.

  2. HAHA @ Jack! My parents' lab mix does her business on their patio when there is snow on the ground... makes my dad so mad! haha


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