Monday, December 20, 2010

The 8th Wonder of the (Doggy) World...

Why do both dogs always want the same bone?  Let's not forget the fact that there are exactly 2 of everything, and bones are no exception.  We have at least 4 different varieties for a total of 8 bones... for 2 dogs.  Theoretically, there are more than enough to go around.  But not in this house!  If Nugget digs one out of the toy basket, Oscar has to have the very same bone.  And vice versa.  Thus begins each battle of Dog War III - at least nightly, occasionally hourly.

Tennis balls spark a similar ferocious encounter amongst the beasts.  There was a time (briefly) where Oscar showed no interest in Nugget's beloved tennis balls.  In fact, Oscar would sooner fetch an empty pop can full of rusty nails than retrieve a tennis ball.  He was far more interested in his own frisbee (despite the fact it's pink).  Coincidentally, Nugget has no interest in the frisbee - and for the record, I think that has less to do with its color than the fact that the tennis ball to frisbee ratio is about 325:1.  In recent weeks, however, the doodle has expressed an increasing desire to become part of the tennis ball fan club.  After all, what's not to love about a fuzzy, neon green, slobber-soaked ball that bounces to the ceiling thereby spraying aforementioned slobber all over my walls?  Despite the vast collection of tennis balls (& in an astounding variety of colors!) they have stashed everywhere from the toy basket to couch cushions and beyond, there continues to be a mutual desire for them to both chew the same ball at the same time.  (Seen below: Nugget dares Oscar to touch his ball).

So why is it that they both have to enjoy the same toy at the same time?  Can't everyone be happy to have their very own cheesy bacon-filled bone?  These are the questions that keep me up at night...


  1. So true! Harley is bad about that too. She makes it her mission to steal EVERY enjoyable, desireable treat/toy from Henry. She could have completely forgotten about it, but the minute Henry shows interest, it's her long-lost favorite!

  2. Ok good! I'm glad it's not just my dogs because I was about to be embarassed by their selfishness :)


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