Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not a creature was stirring, not even a...

... Nugget or Oscar!  The men (Nugg, Osc & B) departed yesterday morning, destination: Kentucky.  The pups will be staying with my parents whilst B and I tour the entire midwest in 3 days visit his family in Illinois and Indiana.  B & I will meet back up with them on Saturday (Christmas and Oscar's 1st birthday!) to spend the rest of the holiday with my family.

I miss them terribly!  It was so weird to be home alone sans canines last night.  I kept thinking, "It's quiet, I need to go see what Oscar is into..." since silence is never golden in this house.  And there were several instances last night where I stopped what I was doing so I could take the dogs out... except there were no dogs.  There is, however, still a plethora of toys dropped haphazardly throughout the place.  I stepped on at least 2 bones and almost broke my ankle on a tennis ball.  I know I picked all those up before I left for work yesterday and they departed only moments later.  Sometimes I think they have a contest to see who can empty the toy basket the fastest.

In their absence, I was able to get quite a few things accomplished, like painting the dining room and the bathroom.  Such a task is nearly impossible with those crazy beasts on the loose.  Without question, I would have smudged walls and Almond Fudge-colored paw prints adorning my carpets.  But I digress.

Although I miss them, I know they are having a great time in Kentucky and are being well cared for.  There is, afterall, snow on the ground there!  Nugget loves the snow and since we rarely get so much as a flurry in Charlotte, he goes absolutely nuts when he does see it.  This is Oscar's first snow experience and I'm sad I'm missing it.  B was kind enough to snap the pic below on his Blackberry (hence the poor quality).  The doodle reportedly loves the white, fluffy mystery substance too!

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