Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Keep a Doodle Busy... for 30 seconds

I realized a few weeks ago that my boys have never had the privilege of enjoying a Kong toy ... but for some reason we have a stash of Kong treats in their cabinet (must have been a giveaway with something).  I knew I had to quickly rectify this situation and try tirelessly to make it up to them that they've been missing out on Kong fun for so long!  I promptly ordered an original Kong and a Kong ball online.  They arrived today... 

Oscar got all but one of the treats and then immediately lost interest.  Nugget didn't even pay attention to his long enough to discover there are actually treats in there.  Figures...


  1. Dawgs, you don't like your Kongs??? You're kidding us, right???


  2. Put some peanut butter in the original Kong and freeze it - that might interest them. Oscar never ignores peanut butter!

  3. who doesnt love kongs?


  4. new follower here.
    Lovin the blog so far.



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