Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slow Learner

Evidently, Oscar's emergency vet fiasco has not dissuaded him from seeking additional snacks  on the DL.  Seen below, he's stretch out like a python, sizing up the box of kibble just arrived from Fed Ex.  He's definitely thinking about whether he can beat his personal record of 5.5lbs in one sitting... and by a rather large margin.
"Hmmm I wonder if I could devour this entire box of kibble in one sitting... it's only 35lbs."

"Err, I mean...  What?  I'm just takin' a nap... right here by this very large box of noms.  I'm guarding it, Mom.  Swears!"

And then Oscar's dream came true.  While pouring the large bag of kibble into their food containers, I spilled approximately ... um, ALL of it on the kitchen floor. 

They were very interested in helping me "clean up".  But I knew better... and I have better things to blow $237 on than an emergency vet visit.  If I didn't know any better - and let's be honest, I don't - I'd swear Oscar "willed" me to spill it for his own personal gain.  (Pun intended...)
"ZOMG!  Either we're gonna eat LOTS of noms right now, or mom's so pissed that she's going to run away and we'll never eat again!"


  1. Mesa has done that once. She was so fat and happy


  2. LOL Kari! Yes, ONCE! Looks like Oscar was not phased by his extreme discomfort last week :)

  3. Ha ha ha, that spill would be the best jackpot EVER! It would be a kibble mountain! *awesome*

  4. Dory does that. She LOVES to help us fill the dog food containers when their PetFlow shipment arrives, just in case something is spilled.

  5. We keep having to convince Katy and Bailey that they were not brought here to be Hoover vacuum cleaners. They are constantly trying to clean rugs, grass, and eat anything that takes their fancy. They just don't make the connection between their eating and tummy pain.

  6. We thinks Oscar must be Kudzu's long, lost cousin!!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  7. Aw, hope Oscar's back to his old self!


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