Monday, July 25, 2011

A Criminal Among Us... Part II

I'm not exactly suggesting that we have a repeat offender on our hands... but am I suggesting that one of us is always a little more guilty than the rest.  (What?)  If you'll recall, someone in this house already has a laundry list of offenses of which he's previously been convicted.  To his credit, his sentences are always drastically reduced for good behavior thanks to the cuteness factor which he plays up ridiculously well.  Though the evidence I've collected thus far isn't substantial, I do have reason to believe our little in-house criminal has been at it again.

The crime scene:
Vandalism.  Someone blew up the toy box! 

The evidence:
The tail-end of the vandal, fleeing the scene of the crime...

A suspiciously tired suspect... Could he have been up all night planning his toy box attack?

The suspect returns to the scene of the crime... but still face unseen!

If you have any information about this crime, please call the PAWLICE.  Information leading to the arrest of the suspect will be rewarded with Milkbones and rawhide chews.


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