Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Unidentified Flying Dogject

We now bring you an important doodle update... (Or is he even a doodle at all?)
Strike One - Since we adopted Oscar in the beginning of August 2010, I had serious doubts about whether he really is a Labradoodle.  I've Googled tirelessly and have been hard-pressed to find any Doodle that he resembles - Labra- or otherwise.  Furthermore, his coat is not like anything I've heard described on that of a Doodle.
Strike Two - A fellow doggy mommy commented on a pic of Oscar to ask what kind of dog he is.  She then showed me pics of her Wirehaired Griffon/Irish Wolfhound mix, Margaret.  (That really is a mouth-full compared to just "Doodle").  Oscar and Margaret are IDENTICAL in every aspect except size and color.  (Margaret is 100lbs; Oscar is only 62).  So we conducted a very precise scientific survey and the feedback was unanimous - these 2 adorable dogs clearly share at least half of a breed!
Strike Three - We took Oscar to the vet for his 1 year wellness exam today.  I registered him with our vet as a Labradoodle because that's what we were told he is.  And at 8 months old, nobody could really know for sure...  (I mean, besides the fact that he was clearly neither a wiener dog nor a mastiff!).  The vet completely deflated our claim to Labradoodledom and suggested he looks much more like a ... wait for it ... WOLFHOUND!  That's ironic not only because Margaret's mom called our attention to their similarities, but also because my family has always referred affectionately to him as, "Wolfie".  Dr. White also acknowledged he has traits - mainly his fur and size - that resemble the Wirehaired Griffons.
But wait!  The news gets BETTER (note sarcasm!).  Dr. White informed us that, traditionally, Wolfhounds do not stop growing until 2 years of age.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  If he (and everyone else!) is correct, we still have 8 more months of potential growth here??  I honestly don't know what I'll do with 2 dogs that are 80+lbs.  For my sake, let's pray he won't hit those last few growth spurts!
So it looks like three strikes and we're out of the Doodle game... but it seems like our Wolfhound/Griffon friends are welcoming us with open, paws?  Will we ever know what Oscar REALLY is...?  In the meantime, due to his impressive jumping skills and the mystery of his identity, he shall be referred to as "The Unidentified Flying Dogject".  (Flying videos forthcoming). 

For your viewing pleasure, I've included the side-by-side comparisons used in our highly scientific research study


  1. There is a blood test to identify what breeds your dogs is, I'm surprise your vet didn't tell you about it. My girlfriend did it for her mixed breed dog (who she was told was a pit bull) and it turns out that she doesn't have any pit bull in her. Might be worth the cost if you really want to know.

  2. This all sound mighty familiar. When walking Sophie at the park most people haven't a clue as to what she is ans some swear she is a Griffon. Her looks changed dramatically in the first year from an all chocolate to blond tips spurting out all over her. Of course, peeps think we take her to a salon for the way...too expensive. We did start getting her hair cut at the end of her 2nd year(mighty scraggy) so we are happy with the twice annual cuts.
    No matter what you end up with you will have a great dog with the temperament mix. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Anyway, the Australian doodles are a serious mix of breeds to get the "perfect" mix I guess.....Cheers!

  3. You could always run a DNA test on him. We did the Mars Wisdom Panel on Dory to see if she really was a lab/golden mix, and she was!

  4. You could always DNA him. Did you guys adopt him or buy him from a breeder?


  5. He does look very wire-haired! You should try the DNA test, they are fun! I did two and preferred the results of the Wisdom Panel one (since the other one said that Ellie was part Pug.... )
    Here's what it looks like if you're curious:

  6. Here's Dory's DNA test results,

    and here's the results we did for my in-law's now departed dog Lica,

  7. Loved this & seeing the side-by-sides of Doodle & Margaret. Although some will discount DNA, we had Buddy's done at the vet using blood DNA & found the results to be very accurate. We don't really care what Doodle is because "perfect" is a very accurate description, but it might be fun to get the results!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! Margaret is my charming much adored daughter! The minute I looked closely at Oscar--I knew he was the Brownie version of my Oreo girl. Margaret IS bigger than her soulmate--and Osc's mom and vet are spot on with the continual growth. Margarets younger BIGGER sister is a Great Pyr. Her older sister *Libby* is a BIG yellow Labbie--and Margaret falls in the middleweight section. As my Frazz said--I'm a non believer of the DNA. My vet ran more than several samples of positively known dog breeds--and they came back wrong--so she adamantly refuses to offer the service. And much adored friend..did Buddy TELL you the results were *very accurate* because personally..I don't think Buddy is even a dog--I think he is.. well..I don't know...but that gorgeous, sweet,lovingly wonderful, dancing, wiggling, pony hopping boy is human. <3 <3

  9. The resemblance is quite striking, you could assume they were litter mates! Whatever the lineage of either of them, they are adored, adoring and wonderful members of families who truly love them. All I need to know!


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