Friday, March 11, 2011

The Faces of Mischief!

They look innocent enough.  But they are not.  Not one bit.
Yesterday, I wore my favorite Jessica Simpson patent leather black pumps to work and it was after lunch before I realized someone had gnawed on the heel of the right shoe...  Fortunately, it wasn't terribly noticeable - evidenced not by the fact that it escaped me for most of the day, as most things do.  Nugget doesn't chew shoes, so I'll let you guess who the guilty party is...
My mom arrived yesterday afternoon and will be staying with us for a long weekend.  She always comes bearing gifts for her two favorite grandsons, this time, turtle and ladybug stuffies from Kohls.  Ladybug did not last more than 5 minutes before having her stuffing violently ripped from inside her.  Nugget was quietly gnawing on ladybug antennas when Oscar decided he wanted to play tug with her legs.  Tragic end to a very short life.  RIP Ladybug.

This morning, B graciously got up early to drive my mom to the class she's taking this weekend at the University.  It's possible I was dreaming, but I was sure B said he wasn't going to feed the beasts before he left since it was so early.  Oscar then woke me with his typical whining around 7:30, which I could only assume was an indication of his insatiable hunger.  I stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen where he pitifully licked the bottom of his empty bowl until I filled it with 2 heaping cups of chow.  20 minutes later, B walked in the door and announced that he did, in fact, feed the beasts before he left.  Those little con artists tricked me, again!

Is anyone else picking up on the common theme here?  Oscar is the ring-leader of mischief!


  1. Mine havent chewed my good shoes in a while but they LOVE flip flops and slippers


  2. Sorry that I am laughing, but Leroy chewed the heel off my Doc Martins about a year ago and I still wear them, long pants seem to cover the worst part!

  3. *snicker* Oh, we wouldn't know anything about con artists at my how! I'll just say that all shoes besides the ratty ones we keep by the back door for quick trips outside are kept firmly behind the closet door!


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