Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recycled Doggies Needs Our Help!!

This is the story for the local news station's webpage:

Eleven Dogs, One Cat Killed in Norwood House Fire

Shannon DeBra is dedicated to saving dogs from certain death at local shelters. 11 dogs were killed last night when her Norwood home caught fire. 
Local 12's Rich Jaffe was with DeBra on this difficult, emotional day. 
The best part of Shannon DeBra's morning came when she was reunited with her pal, Zoe... the worst probably a few moments before when she got to see Boss.
"She had a lot of that plastic melted into her fur, so she has fairly extensive wounds from the burns..." 
The big mixed breed's also suffering from potentially lethal smoke inhalation. 
"It's ok honey...it's ok...shhhh..." 
Another foster dog, Leo, was in an oxygen chamber with similar problems. Eight of Shannon's foster dogs died in the fire last night, along with three of her own. Fire investigators believe the fire was electrical and accidental. Shannon knew something was wrong when she got home around seven thirty last night. 
Shannon DeBra, Recycled Doggies: "Everything was dark and I got out of the car and saw smoke coming out of that first window over here. That's when I heard a smoke alarm and went running to the front door, unlocked the front door and there was just smoke everywhere, so I propped open the door and started screaming for dogs." 
One of the dogs, Xena, escaped last night, and is still on the run. Posters about her went up today... along with this photograph. 
"I'm just so sad about the dogs that I saved and now I didn't keep them safe. I'm sad about my own dogs, but there were a couple that were really special foster dogs and I'm just so sad for them." 
While part of the damage left behind by the fire is easy to see, on the home and the dogs, what has the vets at Med Vet worried is what you can't see. 
Doctor Amy Snyder, Veterinarian: "The big mystery is what's going on inside the dog, and just like people, the injury to the lung and airway is our primary concern and those may lag anywhere from 12 to 24 hours after the initial inhalation." 
It would be hard to miss Xena, the dog that's on the run around here. She has a bright blue sweater on. 
In addition to Xena, there's also a big black cat that's missing.
 Shannon DeBra helps the animals through a couple of different operations, both of which have websites. One is Recycled Doggies, and the other is the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry. 
You can reach Shannon at (513) 377-2884.

This organization is dear to my heart.  My fellow animal blogger friends, you are the most generous, resourceful, loving people I know.  PLEASE give what you can - spare change, prayers, a note of encouragement to Shannon, a link to her ChipIn (below) on your blog, whatever you can do.  PLEASE pass this along to your own network of animal lover friends.  Those $1, $5, $10 donations really add up!  Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!
The few dogs that did survive will require extensive vet care.  Their conditions are still being assessed.  
PS - Please leave me a comment if you donate and/or share.  I'd really like to personally acknowledge you in an upcoming post!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  - Margaret Mead

You can follow Recycled Doggies on Facebook for further updates on fundraising and the statuses of the dogs that survived the fire.

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