Monday, March 21, 2011

Is there really any wonder...

...what my Nugget does all day?  He does look pretty proud of the wrinkles he made in the couch cover which I go out of my way to straighten 238 times a day because I'm mildly OCD and coming home to it wrinkled practically makes me break out in hives...  

He also looks very proud of the "dent" he left in my memory foam mattress.  BUSTED!  He can no longer jump off the bed when he hears my keys hit the door and pretend like he's had all fours on the floor all day!  Mom is catching up to your tricks, Nugget!


  1. uh oh! Someone has been caught!


  2. Looks like your busted Nugget!
    I was the same way with my couch cover for a looong time! With kids and dogs the wrinkles drove me crazy, I just wanted it to look nice and smooth like it did in the picture! After months of trying I just took the darn thing off and now it lays on the side of the couch in a ball:)

  3. Oh but he is so cute, every time my pets are bad I think, well they are here for such a short time, that everyday they are going to have the time of their lives!!



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