Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

Oscar is not sure whether he's a dog or a cat.  He pounces, but he wags his tail.  He hisses (though I've yet to witness this personally), but he barks.  He obey [VERY] basic commands in exchange for treats, but caresses himself against my furniture.  And he does some of the most graceful, thorough stretching I've only previously seen exercised by a cat. 

Aside from the usual romping and barking, Oscar was more in touch with his feline side tonite.  As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, where Oscar is always by my side at the off chance something edible (or even not) might hit the floor, Nugget was laying in the dining room, minding his own business.  Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw Oscar walking slowly out of the kitchen.  He was actually TIP-TOEING into the dining room; being so careful and sneaky, picking each paw up slowly and placing it back on the floor gently.  After several steps, he crouched into pre-pounce stance and then launched himself in Nugget's direction.  Romping and barking resumed.

He may be confused, but I sure get a lot of laughs :)

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