Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank You, Oscar...

... How did you know I had been wanting to begin storing our dish towels on the dining room floor? That seems like a far more logical place than the bowl on the kitchen counter from which you stole them. And I like the disheveled, unfolded look much better!
I think I have a slight idea what my parents must have felt as they walked in on a mess or something broken when my brother and I were younger. The 'What in the hell happened in here?" was usually met with blank, semi-innocent stares. Eventually one of us would crack and the cleaning or appropriate punishment (usually a beating) would ensue. Oscar and Nugget don't respond much differently when I ask the same question upon walking into a mess such as pictured above. I already know who did it, (Nugget would never counter-surf), and I have the feeling my parents always knew, too. Oscar always wears his proud "Look what I did!" face and Nugget always hangs his head, regardless of which of them is the guilty party. The only difference is that dogs aren't going to clean up a mess; I have to!

*Disclaimer: Before someone reports this to CPS, I was never actually beaten by my parents. The comment was for entertainment purposes only. My brother, on the other hand, received his well-deserved beating daily. :o)
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