Monday, November 22, 2010

Nugget: Celebrity Status

Now, I'm not one to brag unless it pertains to my dogs, but Nugget actually is kind of a big deal.  There is a vast collection of adorable Nuggetisms that make him easily identifiable - even in a large city full of countless talented goldens.  One of my most favorite Nugget greetings is when he sits up on his hiney, as if to say "Hi, nice to see you!" and offers a paw.  Initially, this was accompanied with his high five trick which we requested with a hand up and the words "Good game!"  On his own accord, Nugget separated these into two stand-alone events and typically offers one or the other (sometimes both) to everyone he meets.

We are not strangers to the Petco at the Arboretum.  In fact, it's one of my favorite stores just because it's clean, organized and boasts a modern design.  It's no secret that the boys and I frequent this location at least twice monthly, which is only slightly more often than we need to restock on noms.  Occasionally, we will see some of the same cashiers and associates we've encountered on previous trips.  And some of them recognize us.  The other day, I was at my wits end with the boundless energy of both dogs, so I took them to Petco for some peanut butter-filled bones hoping that would occupy their idle paws and mouths for a few hours.  As we were at the checkout (with a new cashier whom I did not recognize), Nugget offered his requisite greeting by sitting on his hiney for the nice lady.  She was flattered, of course, by Nugget's kind gesture and then she paused for a moment before asking, "Is this the 'good game' Nugget?"  I was stunned, but immediately replied, "Yes!  The one and only!"  Oh how proud I was!  Nugget is officially a Charlotte C-list celebrity, which in doggy terms is at least the equivalent of being a B-lister.  Nugget is truly making a name for himself.

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