Monday, February 28, 2011

Nugget's Next Stop...

A&E's Hoarders.

Seen above is only a very small sampling of the tennis balls Nugget has accumulated in his collection.  Just when I think we're running low and make it a point to purchase more, the "missing" balls suddenly reappear and my living room looks like the sideline of an ATP World Tour event.  
And if ever anything is missing in this house, I immediately check under Nugget's couch cushion, pillows or blanket.  Still hoping that someday I'll unroll it to find a winning lottery ticket or millions of dollars worth of diamonds.  As soon as I hear the "clinging and clanking" of gold and platinum hitting my floor as I unveil his treasures, I'll let you know!  
Neither of them ever destroy anything that doesn't belong to them, but I often find my towels on the floor in another room or the occasional shoe (thanks, Osc) and Nugget has been known to carry socks out of the laundry and cuddle with them.  He rarely hoards any of my belongings, but I regularly see him parading through the house with a "new" bone that he could only have gotten from a stash he has somewhere hidden and I've yet to find... or Oscar for that matter :)


  1. hello newest follower from the hop

  2. hmm this happens in our house too


  3. I used to have a cat who was a hoarder. Anything she could carry in her mouth ended up under one of chairs in the living room. Pushing that chair aside to vacuum was like looking at the bottom of a Crackerjack box.

  4. Kelsa is also chronic tennis ball hoarder too!

    Thanks for stopping by our site a few days ago!


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