Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ok, I'm totally about to lose my mind with Oscar.  He is on a strict potty schedule, which is great.  We go (i.e. poop) first thing in the morning, (occasionally at lunch), right before dinner and right before bed.  The problem is this: he will whine to go out at the appropriate times and then take an additional 30 minutes of parading around before he actually poops.  I don't have an extra 90 minutes in my day to mess with this.  He obviously HAS to go, which is why he whined at the door.  How do I make him go immediately (ok, in WAY less than 30 minutes) once we get outside?  I've tried the exorbitant amounts of praise when he does go.  I've tried limiting his "parading" radius and giving him a time limit which doesn't work because he immediately comes in and poops on the floor.  We have a designated pooping location (2 actually, in case the first is already occupied).  He always goes out without Nugget otherwise he's too distracted.  I'm out of ideas... HELP!  PLEASE!


  1. The thing that has seemed to work for our Oscar is when he does poop, say a certain phrase while he's doing his business. Ours is "hurry, hurry." When you do this regularly, he'll start to associate the phrase with doing his business, and will do it on cue (more or less). It does seem to work with Oscar, though not every single time (unfortunately). We do it for his #1 too, though that needs less encouragement. Our phrase for that is "go potty." He does seem to recognize the phrases. It has sped things up a bit for us. Good luck!

  2. LOL... now the trick is getting him to go so I can say this while he's going! HAHA Thanks so much for the tip :)

  3. I wish I had more ideas but you have tried everything Ive heard of!


  4. When Mom first started training me (I was already one year old) she would use the command "Get Busy" or "Busy". She also used the word "outside" to call me to go out (not just to come). "Busy & Outside are only used at toileting times. Mom always would take me back to places I had already blessed. Not sure what your situation is, but Mom would at first leave a deposit where she wanted me to go and when I smelled it, it triggered the idea that I should do it again. Is Oscar on leash, if so use an extendo leash while still keeping the radius small. If he's crate trained, just bring him back in the house and put him in his crate for awhile and then try again, but don't give him free roam of the house until he is successful outside. It's hard to do this when you're in a hurry, so pick slow times for this training. Just a word to Oscar, "Come on buddy, give her a break, or poop, or whatever it takes!" Slurps, Tucker


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