Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Much for Wordless Wednesday...

I simply cannot keep this to myself - not only because I'm excited, but also because I hope our family, friends, fans and followers will cheer us on!  

That handsome man pictured above (Nugget!) has his first official "test and observe" tomorrow for Therapy Dogs, Inc.  B is taking him to a nursing home in York, SC to meet with one of the observers where they will first run through the test and then he'll be observed in the actual nursing home setting.  During the test, they will score his ability to follow basic commands, how well he walks on a leash and his physical appearance, etc.  (Let's hope he's having a good hair day! ha!)  During the observation, he will be evaluated on his temperament in the nursing home setting and his ability to follow commands with the normal distractions of that environment and how well he interacts with strangers and other dogs.

I know he did great last week at the nursing home in Chapel Hill, but there weren't any other dogs present and tomorrow, there will be at least 2.  That could go either way, really.   So again, I'm very nervous but also very excited to get this ball rolling.  Please send prayers, bow-wows, paw-fives and good vibes our way!  We'll post an update tomorrow :)


  1. Congrats!


  2. Paw fives I know that sweet baby will do just fine! You might want to run him first to get him a little tired out, of course if he gets crabby like me when he is tired maybe you shouldn't LOL!

    Good luck

  3. Thanks for the good luck vibes, friends! And Carol, wearing him out and administering some "calming drops" are definitely part of the plan!! :)


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