Monday, February 7, 2011

My Sunday Outing - by Nugget

Yesterday, mom and dad took me to a baseball game!!  Mom's alma mater, Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY) was visiting at Belmont Abbey out in Gaston County.  So mom put on her favorite GC gear, we piled in the car and headed up to Belmont for a bit.  The doodle had to stay behind because mom said we were going to work on my training in a different setting.  The doodle sometimes makes me forget my manners...
It was a fine day for a Golden to enjoy a baseball game!  The sun was bright and the temperature was mild.  Dad wouldn't let me sit in the stands at first.  He said I was too hyper - whatever that means.  But eventually we joined mom and sat front row right behind home plate!  I especially loved when other spectators walked by and petted my head.  But I really don't understand how some can walk by and pay me no attention at all!  I got a little distracted by some players tossing a baseball back and forth behind the dugout.  I kept trying to army-crawl my way closer, but dad always caught me.  He's the fun police... at least that's what mom always says.  I'm starting to agree.  Mom lets the doodle and I sleep in the bed on the nights dad is gone for work.  But as soon as dad comes home, we're back on the floor.  I don't mind it most of the time, but the doodle just whines and whines and whines all night long!  I wish mom would get me some ear plugs, too!

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  1. Did you get to catch any foul balls?


  2. How fun!

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