Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tired Pups = Happy Pups (& Mom, too!)

We arrived back from our brief Wilmington trip this morning and hurried over to the Pet Paradise Resort to reunite with our canine companions.  Like the over-protective, mildly psychotic, control-freak mom that I am, I called earlier in the weekend to check on them and made B call 3 hours later to make sure we got the same report from a different staff member.  Both reports confirmed what we had already suspected - Nugget was swimming to his heart's content and Oscar was prancing around the playground with a blue frisbee.  Predictable?  Maybe.  Adorable?  Always!
They were beyond ecstatic to see us, just as we were to see them!  Well, speaking for myself, of course...  B might described his own feelings differently as he tends to enjoy his time away more than I do.  Anyway, we danced, hugged, kissed and danced some more.  A reunion of all reunions - as always.  Once everyone was piled into the car, it was only a matter of seconds before the eyelids began drooping.  Normally in the car we have heads hanging out windows and mouths panting and drooling...  Not after a weekend at the resort!

Nugg's face of contentment.  Please note heavy eyelids and huge smile.

 Osc is too frightened by B's driving to relax.  Please note deer-in-headlights look.

Only moments before B and I left for softball practice, this is what we found in the living room: 2 otherwise very hyper pups with their heads up, but eyes closed.  Busy weekend of partying at the resort with their friends, I suppose.  Rough life!

I always feel better knowing they had a great time.  The 3-day long nap they each take once we get home always allows me to get more done, too!


  1. I love that you called twice to check on them, that is awesome :) We understand that completely!

  2. Nothing wrong with a predictable pet :)



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