Sunday, January 30, 2011

And the verdict is in...

Ok I totally lied when I posted on Friday evening that I would update on Saturday with the results of Nugget's unofficial therapy dog trial run.  Turns out it was GORGEOUS here in the 704 this weekend and I was physically unable to keep my body inside for even a second!  Being that the past couple of months in Charlotte have been about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year, I simply could not pass up the opportunity to get ALL of us out of the house.  We went to the Park Road ball fields both Saturday and today with the boys.  Oscar fetched his frisbee and has almost mastered catching it in the air and Nugget fetched his beloved tennis balls.  It was nice to have some sleepy pups afterward (though as I type and get ready to begin studying for the night, Oscar is hopping around the house, barking and pulling down every towel he can find... I wish I had half his energy!).

I know, I've rambled long enough.  None of that is what you came here to read!  So without further adieu, I'm so very proud to announce that Nugget's unofficial therapy dog visit was a smashing success!  He was a huge hit with the residents of the nursing home and B received dozens of compliments on how well behaved and how handsome he is.  I do believe my eyes began to well with tears when B called to tell me how great the visit went.  I'm such a proud momma!  Nugget only had to be corrected once for a small bark he dared to let out, but I am sure he was just saying "Hello" to all his new friends.  (DUH!)  I neglected to foresee that tennis balls on walkers might pose a slight conflict of interest for the Nugg.  B reports that Nugget did spot some on the walker of a lady across the room and he carefully began to belly-crawl towards her.  So funny!

In my excitement, I rushed to email one of the Charlotte tester/observers from Therapy Dogs, Inc. to begin the process of his test and observations.  We've yet to get anything scheduled, but it looks like we'll be moving along pretty quickly.  I am so excited and I simply could not be more proud!

*Pardon the poor quality of the pics - B took them on his Blackberry*

Nugget absolutely LOVED the attention!

He's relaxing and plotting his next move toward those tennis balls across the room!

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  1. Hi, I'm here from the Newbie party and am also a Newbie. :)
    Your dog is so cute! I laughed about the tennis balls on the walkers. I have a chocolate lab and he would be going crazy with all of those tennis balls NOT being in his mouth. :)

  2. I wrote a long comment and got kicked out so I will just let you know I am visiting from Debbiedoos, I am your newest follower and wishing you tons of luck!


  3. What a sweet, sweet doggie! So cute! I found you through Debbiedoos newbie party! Love your blog!

  4. Awww... Nugget is sooooo cute! The baseball in the purse was priceless.

    I came here via Debbiedoo's newbie blogger party & am now following :)


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