Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Shadow

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That's what I'm going to rename Oscar: Shadow.  He is, in fact, always in my shadow, following me from room to room as I go about my business, overseeing my activities like laundry folding, makeup application, dishwasher emptying, showering, etc.  I can't even pee without him sitting in the bathroom watching me.  He is pretty sure that his job title is "Body Guard".  Occasionally, due to the lack of adequate square footage in our 2 bedroom apartment, I get annoyed.  And at first, I was constantly tripping over him.  But I've grown accustom  to saying, "Oscar, move!" everytime I turn around and that seems to work well for all parties involved.  I do have to give him props for his dedication to his self appointed position.  He "secures the perimeter" before we settle in to bed, and if ever there's a suspicious noise in the night, he immediately dashes out of the bedroom to investigate thoroughly before returning to my side.  Good dog, Shadow!

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