Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kitty Met His Demise

Oscar's favorite toy, as I've previously mentioned, is "Kitty". Originally this toy was Nugget's but as it's not covered in neon yellow fuzz and doesn't bounce, he didn't pay it much attention. Enter doodle who quickly took to the allegedly indestructible toy. He carries it everywhere. It goes in the crate with him, comes out with him, sometimes he sneaks it outside, it's usually in bed with him, he always travels with it... You get the idea.

I dreaded the day Kitty would get caught in one of the canine scuffles, and last week that's just what happened. Before I knew it, stuffing was everywhere and Kitty was flat. I thought Oscar would be sad. But that was not the case. He pretended the maming never occurred and continued loving on him just the same as always. It is so sweet! So this is a pic of Oscar snuggling on the couch with his now flat Kitty. Almost makes me tear up.
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