Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hard Nugg Life

This is Nugg the Mad Scientist
(in Brian's safety glasses from work)

And after the day we had, I'm sure if he could flip me the bird, he would so do it!

He went to the vet for his annual well-check today.  (Here's this week's endorsement)  Dr. Jason White at Cotswold Animal Hospital is far and above the very best vet we've seen in Charlotte.  Beyond that, his staff is simply outstanding.  We so very much LOVE, love, love Heather (his tech)!  Heather remembers us and all about our preferences, our worries, our questions, etc.  She is always very thorough and is amazingly gentle and loving with both Oscar and Nugget.  I absolutely cannot say enough great things about her!

Dr. White has a true passion for animals.  I was referred to him by my dentist, Dr. Gist, whose office is right next door.  He actually owns the building that houses both offices.  (I also highly recommend Dr. Gist, but that's not for this blog).  Dr. White recently completed a very expensive remodel project on the vet office whereby he upgraded to all of the latest equipment and gadgets in order to ensure his furry patients are always receiving the best possible care.  This morning, he spent almost 90 minutes with us!  Turns out, Nugget has developed juvenile cataracts which will eventually require surgery to prevent him from going blind.  Ironically, I had mentioned to my mom a few months back that I thought Nugget's vision isn't what it used to be.  Unfortunately, Dr. White confirmed that suspicion this morning.  In addition to the cataracts, Nugget has a large amount of yeast build-up in both ears - further down in the canal than I could have seen on my own and probably due to allergies.  So we are now on a strict cleaning and medication regimen to hopefully be able to clear that up and avoid having to completely flush both ears under sedation.

Dr. White went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything, answer our questions, show us exactly how we need to clean the ears and even observe while we practiced!  Nugget was not at all a huge fan of the ear cleaning, so he tucked his tail and dove under a chair in the exam room.  We all got a good laugh, but he was quickly put at ease by Heather and Dr. White as they talked to and petted him.

Though it was an expensive morning, it was well worth every penny... and in fact, much cheaper than it would have been elsewhere.  I totally appreciate that they are very cost-conscious and always looking for ways to save us money.  I believe his prices to be very reasonable.

Nugget's surgery will undoubtedly be very expensive, but I would sooner go hungry than deny him any treatment that would affect his health.  So if you see me eating Ramen noodles for awhile, be a friend and toss me a Big Mac at the very least!

This is Nugg all tuckered out tonight, snuggling with a stuffed baby that has been with us since Easter and has miraculously yet to be maimed.

The doodle shows great compassion for his brother, Nugg.  Currently, Nugget's allergies are flared up and he has some redness and irritation in his right eye.  While it doesn't seem to bother him, Oscar is obviously concerned so he gives Nugget "kisses" on his eye.  Nugg doesn't seem to mind it at all.  It is absolutely the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  They always run to each other's rescue.  Since the doodle seems to forever be under foot, it's not uncommon for me to accidentally step on a paw, inducing a dramatic yelp.  Nugget immediately rushes to his side to make sure he's okay.  Similarly, if Nugget whimpers or cries in his sleep while dreaming (which he does with some regularity), Oscar always runs over to check on him.  Oscar hates that we gate him out of the kitchen while we clean Nugget's ears.  The expression of helplessness on his face is pitiful.  I love that they watch out for one another.

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  1. Poor Nugget!! Poor momma's checkbook! ;o) I completely understand though because I'd do the same. Remember when I spent a ridiculous amount of money on Simon when he ate metal?? He spent like a week AT the specialist in Chicago so that was cheap! Haha! People gave me shit for spending that much on a bird but you do what you have to when you love your pet! I love you Miss Katie and send lots of prayers to you and Nugg. HUGS! Puppy kisses from Molly and Teddy!


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