Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowmaggedon 2011 - Charlotte, NC Edition

I told the boys last night before we went to bed that it was supposed to snow overnight.  Either they didn't believe me or they were already sleeping, because I didn't get the excitement I was hoping for; I got nothin'.  But Larry Sprinkle (yes, that's a real weatherman in Charlotte, NC) predicted a 100% chance of snow, so I was pretty confident we'd get something.

Fortunately, by the time 6:30am rolled around, snowmaggedon had begun and I awoke to a text from the boss announcing the office was closed.  I was super excited - like a fifth grader who had prayed for a snow day after neglecting to fully complete homework the night before.  So I bundled up and declared "potty time" to the beasts.  I couldn't wait for them to get outside and see the fresh white blanket!   I opened the door and you might have thought it was raining Milkbones - they were so excited!  They darted out the door and into the large drifts, jumping, rolling, diving, chasing one another.  It was the exact morning I had hoped for!

Oscar is prancing through the snow.  Snow might very well be his very most favorite thing in the entire world!

Nugg was digging for snowballs.

Oscar's snow beard reappears.

The both had ice balls hanging off their fur!

This kid is crazy!

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