Thursday, January 27, 2011

Definitely a Fail for B, a WIN for Me!

As a follow up to the previous 2 posts, I'll acknowledge the fact that I've been awarded 2 consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep.  I know... I'm as shocked as you are.  But let's take off the rose-colored glasses for a moment and examine the facts surrounding this claim. 

Rewind to Tuesday night, where I initially posted that I believed the calming drops to be working.  Oh they did.  They worked well.  I went to bed probably an hour before B and the boys, so I was coasting along peacefully on the sleepytown super highway by the time they got there.  Just as we always do, B surrounded the bed with the baby gates so as to deter any creature with 4 legs and fur from plopping their happy @$$es on the bed.  Until Tuesday night, this worked very well. 

At some point during the night, Oscar managed to catapult himself over the gate and onto the bed.  (I'm still baffled by the fact that I didn't feel him when he landed).  I have doubt that even a 6 foot high fence would pose a challenge for him.  He actually does have springs for hind legs.  I woke up sometime around 3:30am, panicked by my sudden inability to move my legs.  It wasn't until I opened my eyes and sat up that I realized my temporary paralysis was not due to a mysterious illness that befell me in my sleep, rather a 60 lb doodle had taken up residence atop my legs.  And he could not be moved.  I have to give him credit; I didn't hear a thing from him all night and he obviously waited until we were both asleep to put his plan into action.  He may actually be a genius.  But we still fail at getting him out of the bed.

Last night, I actually have no idea what went on in my house.  Did the doodle get the calming drops?  Did he whine for hours on end?  Did he attempt his new catapulting manuever?  Did B threaten his life?  (That doesn't work anyway).  Did he stand in the middle of the room and do the Macarena?  I haven't a clue...   I was in a drug-induced coma from a phenergan injection I received at the doctor's office earlier that day to curb the nausea I was experiencing with a ferocious migraine.  The entire day is a blur, actually.  I can't say that the doodle actually behaved himself or went to sleep on the floor without battle.  I can say, however, that I slept pretty darn well.

So let's recap - If I get to bed long before B and the dogs and possibly use a sleep-inducing drug and always make sure my ear plugs are in, I will drastically reduce the occurance of sleepless nights.  Or perhaps the doodle should have the sleep-inducing drugs??

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